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Alphablocks Reading Programme

Everything your child needs to learn to read is in the box with this exciting new home learning kit: 6 bumper step-by-step magazines filled with hands-on activities, flashcards, stickers, 100 letter tiles, games and much, much more. The Alphablocks Reading Programme is designed to follow your child’s first year at school and give them a major boost in reading confidence and skills. It’s the perfect way to kick-start a love of reading.

Alphablocks Reading Programme

Play Alphablocks Apps!

Three fantastic Alphablocks apps help children build essential phonics skills with their favourite characters.


Alphablocks First Readers

30 Alphablocks first readers are just the thing to let your child show you what they can do. Starting with just eight different letters and a few words per page, they grow step by step as your child learns new letters and reading skills, until they can read long sentences and master words like “AMAZING!”.

First Readers

Board book

Master letter sounds and handwriting with this wipe-clean activity board book.

Board Book

Watch Alphablocks on DVD

A complete set of DVDs means you can watch Alphablocks on your TV whenever you want. Each of the five DVDs is a complete colour level, so your child can learn step by step and watch their favourite episodes again and again. A box set is also available.


Alphablocks Letter Sounds Activity Cards

Meet the Alphablocks, learn the letter sounds and put them together to make words. 26 letter cards and 25 word cards help children master key phonics skills with three card games you can play together.

Activity Cards