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BAFTA award-winning Numberblocks helps children to see how numbers really work − and master a new key maths skill with every adventure.
It’s a story of friends who can always count on each other − but, most of all, Numberblocks is about having fun with numbers.

Each episode has been carefully crafted with the help of the NCETM (National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics) and brought to life by Blue Zoo Animation Studio.
We work closely with the NCETM to make sure Numberblocks delivers the essential numeracy skills that build good number sense and a solid foundation for a lifetime of maths success.

Get ready for an animated adventure and some number magic that you can count on to help your child learn maths in the most exciting way.
1, 2, 3 − Let’s go!

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Numberblocks Bafta

Numberblocks has been nominated for the prestigious BAFTA, Prix Jeunesse and The Japan Prize Audiovisual Pre-school awards, and received a BAFTA for Children's Preschool Animation in 2019.

Numberblocks is also featured among the DfE's recommended resources for home learning and is part of BBC Bitesize Daily.

Where to watch Numberblocks

Numberblocks is designed so your child can just press play and have fun while learning essential number skills. 90 episodes take them from number names and counting to a deep understanding of how addition, subtraction, multiplication and division work, via a host of key concepts in between.

You can find your favourite characters and episodes on TV, BBC iPlayer, the Numberblocks YouTube channels and the Numberblocks World app:

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Numberblocks Apps - hands-on number fun

Numberblocks show

Meet the

Meet Numberblocks One to Twenty in this fun FREE introductory app. Make them change shape, count the Numberblobs and watch cool clips to get to know your favourite number friends.

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Hide and Seek

The fun is only just beginning when you find the Numberblocks in this Hide and Seek game... Explore number bonds, enjoy addition number magic and win rewards to play with.

Numberblocks Hide and Seek
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Card Fun

There are so many cards to play with in this fun game! Unlock 60 levels of game play as you match numbers and grow in confidence, solving addition and subtraction puzzles.

Numberblocks Card Fun
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