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During lockdown we’re here to help with lots of hands-on home school resources.

The BBC's Numberblocks Live Lesson is coming to the CBBC channel and BBC Teach on the 31st March at 11am! Get ready to count to 100 with special guest, Numberblock One herself. When counting in ones is just too slow, what will our number-loving friends do...? Tune in to find out or catch up after the 31st March on BBC Teach on demand or the BBC iPlayer.
Live Lesson Activities
Numberblocks  where to watch

Numberblocks Mother's Day Card

Numberblobs Christmas baubles!

Numberblock 5: Coconut milk sticky rice fruit salad

Numberblock 4: Square salad

Numberblock 3: Cheese and crackers

Numberblock 2: Roast butternut squash and rice salad

Numberblock 1: Red fruity salad

Numberblocks Castle

Pattern Palace

One Wonderful World!

Level 1 Colouring Sheets

Brownie Block Bake

Numberblocks Christmas Decorations

Numberblocks Masks - 1 to 5

Modelling Fun

Join in making your very own Numberblocks with these lovely Play-Doh videos or follow the instructions on how to make them in the print-outs.

Numberblocks Scavenger Hunt

You can play these games with the lovely Numberblocks blocks from 5 Minute Fun or you can make your very own Numberblocks.

For Level One, use Numberblocks 1 to 5.


Twinkl have a fantastic range of Numberblocks learning resources especially designed for teachers and perfect for home schooling.

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Play Doh

Do you want to find out how to make Numberblocks One to Five out of Play Doh? Head over to our YouTube channel or download the print-outs below.



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