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Numberblocks Maths Programme

The Numberblocks Maths Programme is packed full of hands-on learning fun, with three bumper magazines, three big number sticker sheets, 55 individual Numberblocks blocks, gold stars to pop on the end of each page as a reward and a special certificate to give to your child when then they complete the step-by-step learning programme. You’ll also find posters, flashcards, number games, puzzles and all kinds of activities to engage your child in a ton of number fun!

Maths Programme

Play Numberblocks Apps!

Three brilliant Numberblocks apps help children take the learning into their own hands.


Numberblocks 1-10 Boxed Gift Set

Start your child’s Numberblocks collection with this boxed set containing Numberblocks One to Ten. The Numberblocks set includes easy to click together blocks made from durable plastic, plus two sheets of puffy stickers to complete each character. The building blocks help children get hands-on with numbers and play with their favourite characters from the show. The perfect present for a Numberblocks fan!

Block Set

Numberblocks DVDs

All the stories, songs and silliness from series one to three are available on DVD.


Numberblocks Books

Get your hands on the Numberblocks Annuals and the Numberblocks 123 activity board book.


Numberblocks Activity Cards: Starter Pack

Meet Numberblocks One to Ten and start playing with numbers. This deck of 52 beautifully designed activity cards gets children counting, recognising amounts on sight, putting numbers in order and spotting numbers in real life. Plus three Numberblocks games you can play together.

Activity Cards