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More Numberblocks activities coming soon!

Numberblocks Scavenger Hunt

You can play these games with the lovely Numberblocks blocks from 5 Minute Fun or you can make your very own Numberblocks.

For Level One, use Numberblocks 1 to 5.

Modelling Fun

Join in making your very own Numberblocks with these lovely Play-Doh videos or follow the instructions on how to make them in the print-outs.

Tall Tower Challenge

How many Numberblocks can you stack on top of each other before your tower topples over?

Number Track

Practise counting with the Numberblocks Number Track. When your child is ready you could point to one Numberblock and ask them to point to 'one more than' or 'one less than' that number.

Numberblocks Stick Puppets

Numberblocks Headband Blast!

100 Square Sheet

Twinkl Learning Resources

Numberblocks Resources are now available on Twinkl!
For a free range of Numberblocks learning resources pop along to the Twinkl website!

Numberblocks Masks - 1 to 5

Numberblocks Masks - 6 to 10